Finding the right place and the right people to care for your child while you work or go to school is an important decision—we’re committed to helping you so both you and your child can succeed.

As a provider, you play an important role in assisting families who are striving to become self-sufficient by offering the best child care available. As a company, we aim to support you in this effort.

The Great Adventure Hunt is a fun and clever puzzle hunt typically held in late January. Teams of 6 players (Hunters) visit different “sites” to solve puzzles, games and riddles. For the first time ever, this year’s event will be held virtually!

ChildCareGroup plans to denote milestone year with a social media campaign and roster of events. Please click here to read the press release. To find out more, and to add your name to our mailing list, click the button below.

“ChildCareGroup played a major role in making success possible for me.”

“The support, polite and active nature of the staff at ChildCareGroup Martin Luther King, Jr Center made it possible for me to achieve many accomplishments, and today I am the proud owner of Royalty Tax & Business.”


A ChildCareGroup Parent

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