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Do Business With Us

Partner With ChildCareGroup

ChildCareGroup depends on collaborations of all kind to fulfill its mission. We welcome partnerships with service providers whose work aligns with our Two-Generation Approach, and we seek partnerships with individuals, corporations, community groups and foundations that are interested in volunteering or providing financial support for our work.

If you are interested in partnering with ChildCareGroup through programming, volunteering or fundraising, please contact us at

Procurement Services

ChildCareGroup’s vendor relationships are vital to its many projects, and we hope that the information provided in this section will be a valuable resource the vendor community.

ChildCareGroup promotes fair and open competition among vendors in order to procure quality goods and services at the best prices available and use agency resources responsibly and efficiently. All interested and qualified vendors of materials, supplies, or services are encouraged to participate in the procurement activities of the Agency.

If you interested in doing business with ChildCareGroup, please contact us at