Volunteering to make educational kits for the children of ChildCareGroup? Please download the Volunteer Sign-In sheet to track and submit your hours spent in making these kits. For each hour that you volunteer, ChildCareGroup gets $80.00 from our federal matching grant! Once completed, please submit the sheet to our Corporate and Community Engagement Coordinator.

To schedule a drop-off-pick-up for the educational kits, please send a message to our Corporate and Community Engagement Coordinator.

Thank you for choosing to make an impact with ChildCareGroup!

Educational Kit Assembly Instructions

Art Display Boards

What you need:

• Wood block (5 feet long, 1 foot wide)
• Paint (optional)
• Drill
• Binder clips, or clothing pins
• Gorilla Glue


1. Paint the wood block with color of choice. If you choose to leave the natural color of the wood, you may paint a gloss over it.

2. Glue on the binder clips or clothing pins on wood, spaced out at least 6 inches apart.

3. Drill slot on back of wood for hanging purposes.

4. Hang your child’s artwork and display on wall!

Pumpkin Seed Shapes

What you need:

• Pumpkin seeds
• Printed shapes
• Children’s tweezers
• Ziploc bags (sandwich)
• Copy paper
• Printer (you may draw, if you do not have one)


1. Divide pumpkin seeds into Ziploc bags. About 20-30 per baggie.

2. Print out shapes or draw shapes onto copy paper. Creativity encouraged for fall themes!

3. That’s it! Children will be able to practice counting and shapes by using tweezers and pumpkin seeds.

Making them to donate? Please ensure that pumpkin seeds are handled with gloves.

DIY Sensory Hula Hoop

What you need:

• Hula Hoop
• Scraps of fabric (ribbon, scarves, t-shirts, etc)
• Scissors


1. Cut the fabric pieces into 1-2 foot long scraps

2. Tie the scraps in a knot around the hula hoop until all empty spaces are filled

3. That’s it! Have your baby play with the different colors, fabrics, and textures, while s/he enjoys tummy time.

Making them to donate? Please be sure that all fabrics are washed and sanitized.

DIY Puzzle

Create your own puzzles using cardboard boxes!

What you need:

• Cardboard Box (cereal box, popcorn box, anything with an image)
• Scissors
• Ziploc bag (for storage)


1. Cut cardboard box into as many pieces as you feel your child needs (for toddlers, start with halves, then cut up into more pieces as the child progresses)

2. Store in Ziploc bag for storage

Making them to donate? Please just cut each box into halves. That way the family can cut more as needed.

Down The Chute

Have your children toss random items down the chute to see which item falls the fastest!

What you need:

• Empty paper towel roll
• Multi-colored tape (optional)
• Random items to toss down the chute (Legos, blocks, toy animals, etc)


1. Decorate your paper towel roll. We recommend keeping it as is for a longer effect.

2. Toss random items down the chute to teach child cause/effect of tossing it. Ask them if the item will fit before tossing it.

Making them to donate? Please wrap each paper towel roll in duct tape, this will make the game sturdier and will last much longer.

Feelings Cards

Create feelings cards to help children express their emotions.

What you need:

• Popsicle sticks
• Construction paper
• Glue
• Pictures of child doing expressions, or may pull from internet


1. Gather pictures of your child doing different facial expressions. If you do not have any, you may pull some from google. (Mad, sad, happy, excited, etc)

2. Glue pictures onto construction paper. Any size, this is for decoration purposes.

3. Glue popsicle stick onto card.

4. Enjoy! Use the popsicle sticks to help children identify and express their emotions.

Making them to donate? Make sure you label the feeling on the back of the card. Also, place each card set in a baggie for easier distribution.

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