A Message from ChildCareGroup

Let us say their names and remember them:  George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. Botham Jean. Trayvon Martin. And so many, many others

As a nonprofit organization whose mission is to address and reduce inequities through quality  early education, so every child has a life of opportunity, we grieve over the systemic racism that has existed in this country for over 400 years and has led to the deaths of black men and women.

ChildCareGroup’s vision is that children do better as their parents do better. When families thrive, communities succeed.

But how do we achieve our vision to help children and families thrive when we, as a society, have not addressed the inequity and injustice that prevents them from achieving their dreams? How do we achieve our vision when our own employees are telling us, “we are tired” and “we are scared.”  Their anguish is understandable. Their anger is understandable. Their impatience is understandable. COVID-19 will eventually pass, but how will we finally cure the pandemic of racism?

At ChildCareGroup, we will act with purpose and intention to help create lasting change.

We will actively listen – to our own employees, to the families we serve, and to the other voices in our community.

We will seek to understand life experiences that are different from our own.

We will actively work to diversify our Board of Trustees to better reflect the communities we serve.

We will work not only to actively renounce racism, we will be anti-racist.

There is much to do and it will take all of us working together. We must commit ourselves to this essential effort – within our own organization, within our community and within our world.

The young children we serve are counting on us to keep our collective resolve. Please stand with us.


Victoria (Tori) Mannes

Matt Coscia
Board Chairman

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