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as a parent or provider, you may have questions regarding the development of your children, or the children in your care.

To provide some answers to your "frequently asked questions," we have gathered excerpts from various sources to answer your questions regarding child development issues.

The attached articles are in PDF format and may be downloaded for your personal use by clicking on the title of the article. They can provide useful information to share with your parents.

How can I help my child ‘learn’ and succeed in life?
Understanding that children can be intelligent and good at different things can enable you to help your child learn and succeed . . .
Article: Different Kinds of “Smarts”: Supporting Children’s Intelligence Styles

How much activity does my child really need?
Guidelines for infants/toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children as to how much physical activity is best for their health and development.
Article: Show Them the Moves: Get Your Children Active for Life

How can I get my three-year-old to behave? Are time-outs useful?
The goal of discipline is to teach children to be responsible for their actions, develop self-control, and be able to make better behavior choices.
Article: More Than Just Saying “No”: Guiding Your Child to Positive Behaviors

Why is my child acting this way?
When children start behaving in difficult ways, especially if it is sudden or unexpected, it is hard to know what to do . . .
Article: Children with Challenging Behaviors

What about the father’s role in raising children?
The earlier fathers get involved with their child, the better . . . It is important to connect each day to keep your relationship with your child growing.

Article: Fatherhood

When is my child too sick to go to child care?
Check with your child’s caregiver or the center’s parent handbook for their specific policies if you aren't sure.             
Article excerpt from Texas Parenting News/Texas Child Care/Summer 1997 : Guidelines to help know when and when not to send your child day care.

I have concerns about my child's development. What should I do?
Each child develops at his or her own pace. However, developmental milestones happen by certain ages. Watching to see when your child reaches these milestones can help you know how your child is developing.
Article: How's Your Baby?

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